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Associate Financial Advisors

ALICIA MCKIE, Director of Wealth Management

Alicia is our sharp, witty, Columbia University graduate. She is the backbone of our investment division. Alicia opens investment accounts and assists investment account holders in reallocating funds, taking distributions, making contributions, answering questions, placing trades and so much more. It seems like only a few blinks after you send her an email or leave her a voice message that Alicia responds ready to assist in any way. Interaction with Alicia will surely make you confident your investment monies are being held in treasured esteem


KAITLYN PLOURDE, Chief Operating Officer

Kaitlyn is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles. From an operations standpoint, she ensures the office is running at optimum efficiency in manners relative to technology, marketing, planning and administration so we can always serve our clients with excellence. Kaitlyn prepares, in professional and high quality format, insurance and investment reviews, retirement and financial independence analyses, and recommendation and proposal packets presented to clients.

KELSEY SCHILZ, Client Service Associate

Kelsey is a graduate from the University of California, Davis.  Kelsey is the primary contact to schedule an appointment with any one of the team members. While helping new and existing clients with servicing, Kelsey also specializes in long term care insurance. 


JULIA PATTERSON, Client Service Associate

Julia is a graduate from the University of Arizona.  She helps manage the insurance and investment divisions of Ira's business.  Julia helps take new investment and insurance applications and helps guide clients through the underwriting process while also servicing our existing clients' needs.