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Retirement Planning

Though the phrase “planning for retirement” resides in the common vernacular, Ira Hermann prefers to refer to it as financial independence planning. According to Ira and our team, being financially independent is working because you want to as opposed to because you have to and being financially capable of doing whatever you want, whenever you want and with whomever you darn please during those “retirement” years.

Time has brought us further from relying on the historically fundamental sources of retirement income: pensions, personal savings and Social Security. Therefore, individuals are now increasingly responsible for funding their own plans, making their own investment choices and taking on the risk that those assets could decline in value during times of market volatility. Furthermore, qualified retirement plans limit the amount an individual can contribute on an annual basis.

Developing a retirement plan that mitigates risk, manages tax consequence and optimizes retirement income becomes significantly less daunting when working with Ira Hermann and his team. Our comprehensive retirement analyses graphically illustrate any potential shortfalls in retirement savings and what needs to be done between now and an elected future age to achieve pure financial independence.

With this in mind and also with full understanding of clients’ future goals and objectives, Ira recommends specific savings vehicles and strategies to put away money on a long-term, systematic and tax-efficient basis for retirement plan purposes.